Hotel Management

Hotel Management ServicesUnique Hotels exclusively manages and markets small luxury boutique hotels. The company's expertise in this highly specialized market niche is unparalleled. Principals, Carlos C. Lopes and L. K. Eric Prevette, have over 25 years experience successfully operating luxury boutique hotels. The company has a proven track record with properties located throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Europe.

The company's successes are attributable to creative positioning, marketing, and operational efficiencies which are built around:

   An unwavering focus on operational and capital strategies to increase asset value and return on investment
   A flexible and highly incentive, goal driven management contract
   Intensive day to day, hands-on management from experienced professionals
   A strategic alliance with a strong global marketing and GDS provider
   Our ability to create unique character and recognition through innovative architecture, interior design, and signature services
   A proven track record in building a strong local market presence through personalized marketing and public relations initiatives
   Technology support to implement and monitor effective financial systems, policies and controls
   Effective yield management strategies to achieve balanced occupancy and ADR
   Impeccable and memorable guest service standards

Unique Hotels' guest promise is to create a unique and distinctive atmosphere and to provide value, service, and unmatched guest satisfaction. We look to establish an atmosphere of luxury and intimacy. We define intimacy as caring, warm, personalized, yet totally professional. The luxury boutique hotel environment includes anticipating guests' needs and desires rather than simply responding to a request. Knowing what a guest wants, when they want it, and how they want it is a major difference between good service and great service. Unique Hotels understands luxury boutique hotels, and our entire team is fully committed to the promise to owners, investors, and guests.